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Accelerate your hire business or venue with our range of stunning hand made flower walls. 

These beautiful backdrops provides an exquisite area for selfies or professional photos to make any wedding, baby shower or event even more special.

You can order any of the flower walls in our most popular size of 2.4m x 2.4m or 2.4m x 3.2m or larger if you need! Poles and bags can all be purchased alongside our flower walls. We will provide a PDF showing you how to set up and put down the flower wall with your purchase.

The price you can see online is the purchase price of the wall and NOT hire price. Please contact us to hire. 

The Isabella

The Isabella wall is here! Complete with hundreds of white peonies and roses alongside peach, yellow and dusky pink roses with some eucalyptus foliage.

From £60 per panel

The Josephine

The ‘Josephine’ flower wall is a stunning wall with popular light and deep pink roses.


From £60 per panel 

The Kayleigh

The ‘Kayleigh’ flower wall. A beautiful pink fuchsia wall with all pink and white roses, peonies, orchids and foliage.


From £60 per panel 

The Sapphire

The ‘Sapphire’ flower wall is an alternative flower wall with all black roses.

From £62 per panel

The Madeleine

The ‘Madeleine’ flower wall is a stunning wall with a full wall of red roses. 

From £60 per panel 

The Sophie

The ‘Sophie’ flower wall. An amazing white, light pink and grey roses with eucalyptus foliage. Set to be 2021 and 2022’s star! 

From £62 per panel 

Coming soon...

The Emma

From £60 per panel

The Amelie

From £60 per panel

The Verity

From £60 per panel

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